zpBootstrap - is Vincent still active?

I have been holding off on PHP 8.1, but when I upgrade I am reading some posts that zpBootstrap may not work with 8.1. So I tried contacting Vincent yesterday with no response yet. I see on his own personal gallery and Github there is no activity in 2022. Does anyone at Zenphoto have any info on Vincents commitment to zpBootstrap or it's viability going forward?


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    We dont' know either, he also didn't update the French translation for a while and his own site is even still using an older 1.5.x version..

    If it really doesn't work then we'll try to help with via fork to make it generally working.

  • Hey thanks...... That's a bummer if Vincent is dropping out. zpBootstrap is a great responsive theme, and I have also made a few customizations for my own use. When I have time, I'll try a local install and report back.

  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    It works with the forks @acrylian and I have. I think my fork is slightly more up to date. https://github.com/fretzl/zpBootstrap

  • Thanks, will try it soon.

  • Can't test bc I can't get 1.6rc installed. See: https://forum.zenphoto.org/discussion/1411017/1-6rc#latest

  • Got ZP installed

  • Fretzl,
    I got your fork of zpbootstrap running on my local install. Looks good. I will report after I try on some other devices.

    Thanks for your work on the theme.

  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    Good to hear. Btw, the theme is now also available from the Zenphoto repository. https://github.com/zenphoto/zpBootstrap

  • Fretzl,
    I have zpBootstrap running on the new 1.6 (the new release) and PHP 8.1. Everything looking good.

  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    Great :-)

  • mikapi Member
    edited December 2023

    Cannot have it to work with Zenphoto version 1.6.1 and
    PHP Version 8.1.7 .
    The homepage of zenphoto is blank, like the theme option page.

    On github:
    zpBootstrap-2.3.2 folder is 3,75Mo.
    zpBootstrap-master forked folder is 1,64Mo

    I noticed that the zenphoto fork do not contain the _bootstrap_3.4.1 folder.

    So I have made another intallation with Zenphoto 1.5.9 with php 7.4. It works, options tab is back, but no slideshow with the "gallery" option, a grey rectangle instead.

    Then I have tried Zenphoto 1.6 with php 8.1.7 (fixed the setup php 'display_errors') the zpBootstrap theme options are back !
    But the homepage rest blank until I uncheck the custom theme option "Homepage". The slideshow is broken.
    That's the end for hours of test today ...

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    It is really not necessary to open a ticket and post on the forum at the same time about the same issue actually ;-)

    But I also mention that the fork version works for me on our own demo site: https://demo.zenphoto.org. No specific options set.

    I noticed that the zenphoto fork do not contain the _bootstrap_3.4.1 folder.

    That is just storage, all necessary and used files are actually within other folders like /css. We just forked via Github functions and I assume that probably left it out because of the underscores.

  • The double post is to help people with the same problem to find solution. Happy to see all is running on the demo site, so it not an real issue.
    I probably make a mistake, or misunderstood my host provider configuration.
    I like Zenphoto with it's zpBootstrap theme, I want it running, but I have no clue on what is going wrong.
    Discovering all the logging capability ... woaw
    I cannot get ride it off the utf-8 warning too, not linked with the theme problem i think.
    Maybe you have suggestion or verifications I must do ?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    It's really just guessing what could be wrong without any specifc errors, notices etc from the log.

    A common thing that may interfere with a lot of things may be wrong file/folder persmissions: https://www.zenphoto.org/news/permissions-for-zenphoto-files-and-folders/
    That could be partly a configuration of the host.

    What utf8 warning specifially?

  • mikapi Member
    edited December 2023

    Hi, I think you are right with the permissions problem.
    I have made a lot of tests. I am use to work with stocking all app installer on a nas. I have ever noticed problems with some apps which need to be copied on the local drive to avoid installation problems, when installer is running directly from shared folder.
    This problem was for local installation on the computer, but I give it a try since I was saving zenphoto on the nas, unzip it on the nas too, before uploading them via my ftp computer's client. And now, bootstrap's theme option tab is back ! But slideshow is still broken.

    I often got this warning "Your server software has changed from Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) to Apache.
    The script SIGNATURE_HASH has changed."

    About UTF-8, the setup is showing this warning:

    The Zenphoto filesystem character define is UTF‑8 [no test performed]
    Setup did not perform a test of the filesystem character set. You can cause setup to test for a proper definition by creating a file in your zp-data folder named charset_tést and re-running setup.

    If your server filesystem character set is different from UTF‑8 and you create album or image filenames names containing characters with diacritical marks you may have problems with these objects.

    Change the filesystem character set define to


    An "éëèàd" album folder created via ftp is seen in the web gui "éëèàd".
    An "éèàt" folder created via web gui is seen "---t" in ftp folder.

    A user of the same host provider seem to had a similar issue (with another cms), but I do not understand how to use the solution, here is the information : https://forums.ouvaton.coop/t/utf-8-dans-phpmyadmin/2050

    zenphoto is not installed on the root, but in a subfolder (if the information is important).
    Another experience: I am installing zenphoto on a second account at the same provider with a separate database. I can give you access. This time I decompress zenphoto on the computer which hold the ftp client, and install it at the root of the web server.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited December 2023

    I often got this warning "Your server software has changed from Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) to Apache. The script SIGNATURE_HASH has changed."

    These kind of message always appear when some component on the server is changed/updated. This is usually not an issue. But in case you get an major update like PHP 7 to PHP 8 it can cause trouble. These are more notes than actual issue. Just re-run setup and the internal catalogue is updated and it will disappear (until the next change).

    It does not matter if Zenphoto is installed within a folder or directly in domain root.

    The Zenphoto filesystem character define is UTF‑8 [no test performed]Warning!

    This warning/note is for files and folders and not the database/MySQL. I would generally recommend to just use plain a-z0-9 plus dashes and/or underscores for (image/album) file/folder names. Do avoid those French accents as they are likely to cause trouble.

  • "The SIGNATURE_HASH script has changed appears" regularly even after running setup many times, so I ignore it.
    The PHP version is definitively fixed to 8.1

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    "The SIGNATURE_HASH script has changed appears" regularly even after running setup many times, so I ignore it.

    It is normally stored in the database. And PHP was just an example as hosts do update things every now and then.

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