Album level access

In the previous thread below we discussed allowing non-logged in users being able to view the Gallery Index, which now works as designed.

I have further questions.
Using the current code all albums are designated either protected or unprotected. Seeing this displayed on each album implies that there is individual album access options, which I can't find or implement.

The current configuration (1.6.1) using Admin>>Options>>Gallery>>Gallery type>>public/private seems to turn on/off protection for the ENTIRE gallery. Is there any way to designate a top level (or any level album) as unprotected while the gallery itself is designated as protected?


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited January 14

    If you only want some albums to be protected don't set the gallery to protected but only protect the albums in question. The proctected gallery option is meant globally (gallery = site).

  • tplowe56 Member
    edited January 14

    Exactly......but I don't see the option to protect individual albums. If that has to be set in user rights, a non logged in user has no permission settings. I see you can set gallery to public and then protect individual albums with user and password (in each individual albums settings). Is there a way to do this in bulk like the other album tree options?

  • I read the release notes and have a better understanding of album level access now. Setting a password on a top level album in a public gallery will protect that album and every sub-album.

    I can accomplish what I want by setting a password on 25 toplevel albums and leaving a few unprotected.

    I might be better off using user permissions combined with a unpublish/publish system I think. Using a public gallery, If I ever need to change the password it is a hassle.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Great, the individual album passwords has actually been there forever ;-) User rights/assignments might be a good way. It works also works in combination. Users with rights to an password protected album can just use their credentials for the album. And also for the gallery in total if that is set to protected.

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