image sorting not working after upgrade to 1.6.4

after upgrading to version 1.6.4, I can't change the image order within the albums (in German: tab "Bildreihenfolge"). The thumbsnails are not showing up, instead there is just one single gray square box where usually the image thumbnails are displayed.
How can I restore the ability to sort the images?
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  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited June 24

    Please review your logs and check the file/folder permissions. Also perhaps see here:

  • besides a deprecated function notice for "isImagePhoto" in albums.php (i.e. my theme), there is nothing in the logs.

    permissions are set exactly like described here (and didn't change recently): I've even tried it with 777 permission for albums, cache and cache_html, to no avail.

    Everything is working fine, images and thumbnail are showing up in the backend and frontend. The only thing that doesn't work as before is the image sorting tab in the backend.

  • I've also tried to switch to the "basic" theme, but the issue persists.

    adding the debug code as described in the other thread ends up in a 500 server error.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    besides a deprecated function notice for "isImagePhoto" in albums.php (i.e. my theme), there is nothing in the logs.

    While you should fix that in your theme that is certainly not the issue. Sorry. the other thread was for 1.6.3 and things are already fixed in 1.6.4 in that regard.

    I have not encountered this issue on any of the multiple sites I recently updates incl. our own. Do you have access to your server PHP error log?

  • Looks like the solution will not be an easy one. I do have access to the PHP error logs, but there is no error recorded when accessing the backend tab for sorting the images.
    Is there a relatively easy way to do a completely new-install of Zenphoto without risking/losing my data and settings? This might be the easier way instead of hunting a dubious, obviously very individual issue ...

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    You can re-upload all the files just like when you updated in case the upload butchered anything accidentally (sometimes FTP client do this).

    As long as you keep the albums folder and the same database you don't loose anything. Do frequent backups in any case. Also see the upgrade page on our site.

    A complete "fresh" new install is something different.

  • shall I also delete the cache and cache_html folders, i.e.: will Zenpress automatically generate these new when they're not in place? Or will this not make any difference regarding the issue anyway?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    What "Zenpress" will do I don't know ;-) But Zenphoto will re-create both the image and the html cache.

    But before you re-upload everything, you could indeed try to clear teh image cache for one album and see if that fixes the image sorting issue for that album.

  • Sorry for the "Zenpress" - my brain obviously mixed up Wordpress and Zenphoto ;-)

    Clearing the image cache for one album didn't change anything, unfortunately, neither did uploading the core files.

    I reverted the installation to version 1.6.2 (the version I started from this morning) and restored the backup accordingly -> everything worked fine. Then I upgraded to 1.6.3; had the issue described in the other tread with the albums not showing in the backend. Then I upgraded to version 1.6.4, albums showing but the same issue with the image sorting appeared again, like as before.

    I'm kind of helpless now. Will revert to 1.6.2 for now to be able to do the image sorting. But of course that's not a permanent solution. Any other ideas what I can do?

  • hermor Member

    You can use the same fix that was given by Acrylian for the subject
    Update 1.6.3 - Albums not listed anymore,
    add the line of code :
    require_once(dirname(FILE) . '/template-functions.php');
    after :
    require_once(dirname(FILE) . '/functions/functions.php');
    in the file :
    I solved the problem this way.

  • @hermor: Thanks, but unfortunately that's not what solves my problem with the image sorting not showing up in version 1.6.4. Even with this fix, the image sorting doesn't work in 1.6.3, and it doesn't in version 1.6.4 where the fix is already included in the core file.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    @fneumeier: I am really not aware of changes regarding image sorting from 1.6.2 to 1.6.3/4 that would cause this. Please send a direct mail via

  • joyce Member

    We recently also upgraded to 1.6.4 and has the same issue. May I know if there's a resolution for this?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited 7:42AM

    The temporary solution is documented above. There will be a fix in the coming 1.6.5 release of course. But it is not yet in 1.6.5a because there are a few changes ahead that will be related to this fixing this differently.

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