Large Images not displaying

I am a photographer and have done some web design in the past. I want to display my photographs at an event and want to use Zenphoto on my new iMac (3.4Ghz processor, 1TB fusion drive, 16GB RAM). The specs from Zenphoto are listed below.

Here is my New question - I will NOT be uploading these photos to the internet, they will only be displayed locally on my iMac. The photos I want to show are large and DO NOT display as thumbnails or when selected. They are 20MB jpeg images and pixel size is 4912?×?7360. How can I get them to display as thumbnails and also when selected?

I have read the Zenphoto User Guide "Why are some of my thumbnails/sized images not generated?
I completed WorkAround #1 and it still doesn't work. Do I need to do WorkAround #2? Unfortunately, Zenphoto admin says "The Imagick extension is not available." Can you help me to enable it?

I will also post this on the Zenphoto forum. Thank you if you can help me. I'm in a bit of a hurry.

Mark (stardanz1)

Installation information
Zenphoto version 1.4.4 [4d20f7093e] (Official build)
Current locale setting: en_US.UTF-8
Server path: /Library/WebServer/Documents/zenphoto
WEB path: /zenphoto
Current gallery theme: Default
PHP version: 5.3.15
Graphics support: PHP GD library bundled (2.0.34 compatible)
supporting: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp
PHP memory limit: 128M (Note: Your server might allocate less!)
MySQLi version: 5.5.29
Database name: zenphoto


  • Maybe someone will know how to install imagick on a mac. I run a PC, though. Even then, I have not successfully got an instal of the imagic PHP shell for my WAMP server, so I suspect there may be a bit of rocket science needed.

    If your event is in the near future I would suggest you batch resize your images in Photoshop so that they are small enough to work. After all, even with imagick there is no guarentee that you will have enough memory to process them in Zenphoto.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    As said briefly via mail the easiest is to use the MAMP package on Mac for an local server and not the included webserver (which is not completely setup and I never used or tried).

    This is what I use locally. To avoid the image issues you have to raise the server memory probably.

    You find that on MAMP in /applications/MAMP/bin/php/php<version you enabled>/conf/php.ini. See line 232 "memory_limit: 32M". Raise that to 1024M for example.

    But as my colleague I suggest to resize the images to the actual size needed. That would be on a 27er iMac 2560 x 1440 maximum. So why use larger.

    And just a tipp if you just want a full size display/slideshow you can use the standard Mac Program "Preview" as well.
  • I have enabled/installed Apache 2.2.22, mySQL 5.5.28 and PHP 5.3.15. I tried running the WAMP stack when I was on a PC running Windows and had problems. I eventually uninstalled it and hand installed each program.

    I tried one of the Workarounds from the User Guide, I raised the Memory Limit to 128MB but the thumbnails still didn't display. I will try a larger limit like 1GB.

    While I'm at the Photographer's Event I may not have time to resize the images in Photoshop but I will keep this suggestion as a final option (I will be adding to the Album about 100 images per hour, 10 hours per day, for 3 days) The max dimensions you mentioned would result in an image about 3.7MB. The User Guide suggests the following:
    2 MP Image, 1600 x 1200 pixels => needs ~11.7 MB Memory
    6 MP Image, 2816 x 2112 pixels => needs ~22.6 MB Memory
    8.2 MP Image, 3571 x 2302 pixels => needs ~41.7 MB Memory

    If I keep file sizes to the 8.2MB limit (3571X2302pixels will thumbnails display? I'll try it out myself.

    I am curious to know if the ImageMagick extension will resolve this problem. Do you if it will? I may try to install the Extension, but based on other Mac forums it looks kind of tricky. Do you know a forum that might be able to help with installing the Imagick extension?

    Thanks for your ideas/suggestions.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    I cannot tell about WAMP but MAMP is a very convenient mac like tool that works out of the box. Give it a try especially since you say you are in the hurry. I do all my main development on that (as my colleague does on WAMP).

    128MB will most likely be not enough for images in the high resolution. You have not only one image but several in a row that need to be processed.

    Installing a server extension is quite special (there is no guarantee) and I never did or needed. Either I use MAMP which has all (except imagick) or my host does it.
  • I tried different settings on my camera, Nikon D800, and the Zenphoto gallery worked with the Medium Size-Fine settings which is a photo of 5530 X 3680 pixels (8.4MB). I thought about the imagick extension and decided it was too challenging and with no guarantees.

    I made mods on the appearance and the gallery looks great and works well.

    thank you.
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