need help!

when i upload a picture it just shows a red X once it's done...

when i right click on the image and check the linking. it's linked to a wrong place. so no wonder it's a red x, but why is it set up like that?

i didn't change anything cept for the mysql database info.

how do i fix it?


  • It is most likely an error in your .htaccess file.. make sure your path to your zenphoto installation is correct in the file
  • i don't get the .htaccess thing... it's so confusiong, what do i change?
  • you know what.. i take that back.. it isnt a problem with the .htaccess file..
    make sure your cache and albums dir are chmod777 or writable by the server...

    are there any images in the cache dir?
  • i chmod albums dir to 777 already.

    any idea?

    there's nothing in the cache dir
  • is the cache dir chmod 777 also?
  • yes it is...
  • nevermind... fixed, thanks alot.
  • Just for future reference, how did you fix it?
  • easy, redownload. reinstall... and following the installation steps.

    Step 1: Edit the config.php.examplefile and rename it to config.php.

    Step 2: Edit the .htaccess file in the root zenphoto folder if you have the mod_rewrite apache module, and want cruft-free URLs. Just change the one line indicated to make it work

    Step 3: Change the permissions on the 'albums' and 'cache' folders to be writable by the server chmod 777 cache

    Step 4: go to zen/setup.php
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