Tipo: How to display allowed comment tags

If you want to display what commenting tags are allowed to use when leaving comments, paste the following PHP code in your `image.php` file where you want to display it.

`<?php<br /> $text = preg_replace("[<]" , " &lt ;" , $conf['allowed_tags']);<br /> echo $text;<br /> ?>`

(remove the space after &lt )

Make sure you have the latest zenphoto (currently 0.8.2), or it won't work. The array of allowed tags was added to the `config.php` file in that version.

The `config.php` file is also where you want to look if you plan to allow more or less tags. Look for this:

`$conf['allowed_tags'] = "";`

The end result can look like this:
(scroll down and click on "Formatting your comment).


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