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gjr Member
Started out as an experimental theme, but I think it works pretty well. It uses jQuery Masonry script to allow for a fluid layout for album and image thumbs. Also, optional, use of Infinite Scroll script which loads subsequent pages directly into the current page. Also has a floating sidebar, which reverts to static if the height is greater than the viewport height.

Demo and Download @:

I appreciate any feedback and cross browser testing. Only tested in Firefox for PC at the moment, so would appreciate feedback on use from other sytems, especially MAC browsers.


  • acrylian Administrator
    You trying to become the top 3rd party theme contributor, don't you?...;-)

    Looks good on Safari 4 on Mac so far. Will make some screenshots and add it to the theme's section soon.
  • Just installed this theme and it looks great. Turning off Infinite Scroll seems to have sped the site up a bit, though I have no scientific way to prove that. It could have been my server or Internet connection temporarily lagging.
  • gjr Member
    Thanks! @fadedwave - this theme uses pre-determined thumb sizes so your site may appear sluggish until the thumbs are generated (first viewing).
  • Also looks good/works well in IE9
  • domc Member
    Is it possible to use a menu at the top for pages. Like a drop down menu with the menu system built in? Decided to revisit Zenphoto for my system. This may be a Zenphoto question instead of this theme. Great stuff.

    I only have three albums at the moment. The albums (two columns only) are pushed to the left. Normal or not? Perhaps I need to add more albums to populate the screen?

    Looks good in latest google chrome.
    Thanks for a great theme!
  • gjr Member
    @domc -
    with ZenPage activated, top level pages will appear in the top menu. Child pages will appear in the sidebar when viewing the parent page. The Menu Manager plugin is not built in to this theme, but with a little editing of header.php, you could add this.
    Yes this is as expected to your second question. You could always choose larger thumbs in the theme options to fill more space....
  • domc Member
    Thanks for the info. One more thing. The news link at top does nothing. Refreshes the screen to main site address. Maybe I have something set wrong.
  • acrylian Administrator
    Without knowing the theme details. Did you enable the Zenpage CMS plugin and have actually news? If not there is nothing to show.
  • domc Member
    . Zenpage Activated
    .Combinews is off
    . Two news stories are published and activated.
    . Happens when I am logged in or logged out.

    These are my activated plugins.

  • gjr Member
    1. Try an included theme with zenpage support (zenpage,effervescence) to see if this is a theme issue or not.
    2. Provide a link so we can diagnose any issues.

    Seems to be working fine for me. What is the news link pointing to (url)? This link is created in the inc-menu.php file and the code used is:

    class="active" <?php } ?>>"><?php echo gettext('News'); ?>
  • gjr Member
    Ah just had a thought. See this post. Is this the problem?
  • acrylian Administrator
    If you have activated that option, it will link to the homepage.
  • domc Member
    BINGO! That was it. Thanks for all the support and suggestions. Time to start adding photos.
  • Nice theme gjr,
    You produce nice work.
    Works well for me in Ffox and IE, Crome, Opera on XP.
  • domc Member
    Is it possible to have more than one news item on the right?

    Can someone give me the code or what code to change?

  • gjr Member


    <?php printLatestNews(1,'none'); ?>


    change 1 to the number you want.
  • edwink Member
    Nice themes. I still like the zpFocus the best though ;)
  • awesome theme and i just loved it the way it works now.

    i've a little modification to do though.
    wanted to add gPlus button on top right corner along side the diff, twitter, facebook etc.

    is there an easy way to add ?
  • Hi, this is an awesome theme. Love it !

    I found a little 'bug' in it. When using published and unpublished albums in a same gallery, the random slideshow on the index page run into php script execution time exceeded for not logged in users. This happens when trying to show in the slideshow images on which not logged in users have no rights.

    A little hack could be :
    if (strpos($randomList , $imageName) && ! $randomImage->checkAccess()) {

    in place of :
    if (strpos($randomList , $imageName)) {

    on line 43 in index.php.

    Hope this could help.
  • Thanks manu, I will look into this -
  • gjr,

    Found typing error in your main.css stylesheet at:


    width should be 710px; not 710x
  • gjr,

    In several places in main.css, you have border: instead of border:; or border;

    Was just wondering if this was a typo or a hack of some sort?

    margin:5px auto;
  • thanks -yes typos
  • So is there any reason to keep the border option since there are no properties listed?

    Thnaks - every time I think I'm done testing my website, I seem to find one thing or another.
  • First off, fantastic theme. Works so well, so impressed.

    Just having an issue with the frontpage slideshow though, when it's set to Random Image I get this error every few times. Refreshing the page seems to fix it, but everytime I go back to the homepage it has the error again, until I refresh a few times.

    Warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Empty delimiter in themes/zpmasonry_v1.4.1/index.php on line 43

    line 43 has

    if (strpos($randomList , $imageName)) {

    I'm no good at coding at the best of times, any suggestions on the problem here? I've got it set to Latest Image for the time being and so far no errors, but Random Image would be preferable.

    Thanks so much!
  • gjr Member
    Thanks -

    Yes, I think I have this issue on my list for a patch soon. Do you have protected albums? If so, I do not think my adapted script for pulling random images accounts for that, yet... Hope to get a new version out soon...
  • Nope, no protected albums. I'll just keep an eye out for an update for this fix and the breadcrumbs one (, then it'll be the perfect gallery for my site!

    Thanks so much
  • acrylian Administrator
    gjr, you might want to look at the image_album_statistics plugin on how to check that. It is a little "inconvenient" to do because of childs inheriting the status from parents.
  • Had a look there, really nice theme,I like it a lot. I tried it there and it seems to work fine on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome Crome.
  • Hey,

    I've got another small problem with the zpmasonry_v1.4.1 theme.
    Everything is working fine except this "problem":

    If you navigate to a album, you can start a slideshow on the right side, click on the picture to open it and show the EXIF data and (here it comes) click on the the upper left corner of the picture to open it inside a colorbox (I think it is). Is it possible to get the slideshow buttons here as well?
    There is just the "close" cross :/
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