Confused and Dissapointed

I recently downloaded ZenPhoto v1.5 from Then spent hours troubleshooting a non-loading setup page.

Browsing provides clues to why users get blank pages when accessing the setup page of a new installation:

In short, the download package on the main website has a bug that renders ZenPhoto dead-on-arrival.

Since I don't know how the ZenPhoto community is organized, I can't recommend any specific action,
and can only implore any active members to take action and replace the downloadable package with the working (master) from Github.

Any takers?

Best regards


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited November 2018

    Yes, as we mentioned several times we are aware of the bug and we will release 1.5.1 soon. We were already working on some things that need to be finished first. We know this is not ideal right now.

  • Thanks for your quick reply acrylian.

    I do appreciate yours and everyones effort on ZenPhoto!
    I don't quite understand why the buggy version is kept on the main site, while the fixed version is available on Github, but am happy to hear that an updated version is coming soon :)


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited November 2018

    Well, it's an issue of time issues with our/mine actual main job. And the support build on GitHub also has a link on the main site at least.

  • Hi FRM,

    You saved my day! After spending days, I found your post and now, setup is working as expected. Thanks for it.
    By the way: setup from the zip or tar.gz from is working under PHP 5.x, so I was surprised that's not working under 7.2.

    I'll open a new post with a title leading others to the point.

    Best regards

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