New Theme : zpArdoise


after having submitted my site for the showcase (, I am pleased to offer my zpArdoise theme to download.

Follow the link to read the news and for dowload the theme :


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Thanks, always welcome. I will add it to the theme section as soon as get to it (I will be using screenshots from your site as examples).
  • hello,

    the names of the tables has changed with version ZenPhoto 1.4, so my theme zpArdoise does not work anymore.

    to solve the problem:
    in themeoptions.php, change:
    `$ unpublishedpages query_full_array = ("SELECT FROM titlelink. " prefix ('zenpage_pages'). "WHERE``show`! = 1 ORDER BY `sort_order`");
    `$ unpublishedpages query_full_array = ("SELECT FROM titlelink. " prefix ('pages'). "WHERE``show`! = 1 ORDER BY `sort_order`");
    and everything will be fine.

    for information, I will publish soon a 1.1 version of my theme that will work properly with ZenPhoto 1.4.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Great that you are at it. We sadly had to label the theme as "not compatible" currently. We did one of our actually rare test runs of all 3rd party ones because of the 1.4 theme changes.
  • Hello,
    I made the change you suggested but now when I try to active the theme options I have this message at the top of the Theme thumbnail : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in .../zenphoto/themes/zpArdoise/themeoptions.php on line 97. I would like to have access to the advanced options of this theme in order to use colorbox with it (if it's possible). Could you tell me if I made something wrong and if it's possible to fix this problem. Thanks in advance.
    PS: Sorry for my english, it's not my native tongue :/
  • The code as it appears directly is incorrect because it contains backticks. I'm not sure if there's a way to get around that on these forums, however.
  • It was the easiest way for me to say replace the whole line.
    Of course, the only modification to do is to remplace 'zenpage_pages' by 'pages'
  • I used the old line and just replace 'zenpage_pages' by 'pages' as you said and it works !! Thanks a lot and sorry for being stupid sometimes :/
    Now I will try to add colorbox... if you add some advice you can give me... I will need it !
  • hello

    I am preparing version 1.1 of my theme, who supports Colorbox (with galleriffic or not).
  • Great ! So I'll wait until you finish it. Also thx for creating such an attractive theme. :-)
  • Hello,
    I am pleased to offer 1.1 release of my zpArdoise theme to download.

    Now, there are 2 release of the theme :
    - zpArdoise 1.0 (for ZenPhoto 1.2.9 to
    - zpArdoise 1.1 (for ZenPhoto 1.4 and, I hope, for more)

    Follow the link to read the news and for dowload the theme :

    @acrylian or sbillard : could you please update the theme section (the 1.1 release is now "Generally compatible") ?
    thanks in advance !
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Sure, will do.
  • Thanks a lot ! It works perfectly !
  • Hello

    I found 2 minor issues on my v1.1 :-(
    I have created a v1.2 who has solved the 2 problems and I have deleted the download of v1.1.

    Follow the link to read the news and for dowload the theme :
  • Hi,

    First of all thanks for a great theme! (and again sorry for my previous wrong posting in the zpGalleriffic v1.4 thread).

    Just one minor thing, Agrandir, Diaporama, Prec., Suiv. and "Vous pouvez naviguer sur les photos à l'aide des flêches ← et → de votre clavier" are untranslated, the rest I've seen is in English.

    Any fix to that?

  • hi,

    those texts are linked with galleriffic and they are not translated.
    You can translate yourself in the zpgalleriffic.js file.

    I'm working on a 1.3 release to fix those issues.
  • Thanks vincent:)

    Found them in that file and album.php and footer.php.

    Looking forward for new releases of this excellent theme!
  • Vincent,

    Having got my gallery looking the way I want I then tried adding the plug-in zenpaypal, but this is not showing up (including adding the php code to image.php). Any clue as to the changes needed, or forthcoming support?

  • sorry, but i don't know anything about this plugin.
    had you correctly installed the plugin and added the code `if(function_exists('zenPaypal')) zenPaypal();` as expected ?

    maybe, contac the autor of the plugin...
  • Managed to get the zenpaypal plug-in to work with "Buy-now" option, rather than "Cart", which doesn't seem to work. Chances are small as you say that this is a ZP-Ardoise issue.
  • Is it possible to use Zenpage with this theme or do I have to change something first?
  • Hi,

    The 1.3 zpArdoise release is now avaliable for ZenPhoto 1.4 and more

    Improvements of this release :
    • Replacement of 'Use Colorbox' option by 'Use Colorbox in Album' option to use colorbox plugin in Album page, whether galleriffic is used or not (if 'Use Colorbox in Album' is checked, Image page will never be called)
    • New 'Use Colorbox in Image' option to use the colorbox plugin in Image page
    • New 'Galleriffic delay' option to configure the duration of the Galleriffic slideshow
    • Navigation with keyboard arrows on single news pages
    • Add translations in english, french, italian, german and spanish for specific litteral strings of the zpArdoise theme
    • Some graphical improvements
    • Fix some translation issues
    Follow the link :

    Feel free to download and use it, and thanks in advance for your feedback!

    Please report bugs on the forum and I will try to fix as soon as possible.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    @Lensvision: It is clearly stated on the theme's page (and our themes section entry) that it supports Zenpage.
  • @acrylian: Didn't look further then my nose is long (free translation of a dutch saying).

    Having yet again a problem with a link not showing up.
    Zenpage Links is published but no link in the menu.
    Can't make my own menu cause menu-manager isn't supported as far as I saw.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    I think we have that saying in German as well..;-)

    No idea how this theme internally works but again try a standard theme like the Zenpage theme and make sure the pages are really published.
  • Looks like I'm gonna have to change theme's then. A shame cause I really like this one.
    The page is published, all the boxes are checked. Don't know what's causing this but it's giving me a headache by now.
  • the zpArdoise theme supports the zenpage plugin, but of course, zenpage must be enabled in admin> plugins.

    if zenpage is enabled, you have to create a news or a page in admin tabs and you have to published it and you will see them.
    if you have no news and no page published, there is no item in the menu.
  • hello

    After extensive testing, I have found an issue on zpArdoise 1.3 :
    with IE6, if the slideshow plugin is enabled, the display of sub-albums is not correct on album.php.

    Hotfix on screen.css :

    - line 125, replace
    `div#album-wrap {margin: 10px 0; padding: 0;}`
    `div#album-wrap {margin: 10px 0; padding: 0; clear: both;}`

    - line 185, add
    `thumbs-nogal{clear: both;}`

    I have updated the downloadable file zpArdoise on my website.
    Please update here :
  • I made a few screenshots:

    Links page is published (so is the other one)

    They show up when I'm logged in as admin

    Then I check the site in another browser to see it as anyone else (chrome in this case)

    Need I say more...
  • ok
    I've never seen this problem before, and had no feedbacks on this.

    - try to install version 1.3 of my theme
    - Try to publish a news
    - try the theme zenpage
    in 3 cases, it is to see if the problem still exists
  • I'm working on another site as well that uses the Zenpage theme, had the same problem but solved it by making a new menu using the menu manager plugin.

    I will try the other two suggestions.
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